Wire Security Partitions

Wire security partitions provide flexible, onsite storage for warehouses, apartments, employees, and military personnel. Wire security partitions can be an economical choice by utilizing existing space in your facility without compromising security. These partitions allow light exposure and air flow required without jeopardizing strength and these units are built to last. They are a terrific solution when secure storage is needed in your facility while still allowing free movement around the secure area.

Wire security systems can also be set up to meet FDA qualifications. Our systems are offered with nonremovable hardware in a range of sizes and configurations. They have been utilized in pharmaceutical storage facilities, retail stores, military installations, aircraft hangers, and building sites, to name a few applications. The solid construction will help you secure important products, tools, and equipment.

Wire security systems are ideal for allowing circulation for air, light, and heat without obstructing fire suppression systems. Panels are constructed with welded wire mesh that is welded into an angle frame or woven wire mesh that is crimped to the frame. Both provide long lasting security and strength.

These systems are also designed to safe guard your personnel and can be installed to prevent items from falling off a bay or racking systems. They can be designed to go above the uppermost bay, providing appropriate coverage and security. Unlike commercial netting which is created to catch product, the steel mesh design also prevents sharp or unbalanced loads from falling.  Wire mesh panels and doors can likewise be set up to fully confine bays and racks. Pallet rack enclosures offer regulated access to high-cost products as well as flammable or otherwise harmful products.

Systems can include a host of alternatives such as adjustable shelves, base shelves, leveling legs, back panels, ceilings/tops, coat rods and hooks, and even sliding doors in lieu of swing doors when aisle space is at a premium.

When it comes to sustainable futures, we demonstrate our commitment by fostering partnerships with suppliers to develop a cleaner, safer, and more secure place to work and live. Contact us today and see the many benefits of using Engineered Industrial Products of St. Louis.

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Our wire security partitions are the perfect solution for securing products.  Our partitions meet the highest standards.

Michael Guidorzi - President, Engineered Industrial Products