Pallet Racks

We offer pallet racks in a variety of layouts and configurations with a range of connections because there are thousands of warehouse storage system applications. Our pallet rack structures adhere to strict compliance with all current RMI requirements. From job engineering to onsite job management to setup, Engineered Industrial Products of St. Louis can take any warehouse or warehouse storage space and add a pallet rack solution that will increase effectiveness. We can find a solution to your pallet storage requirements.


We furnish and install all designs of pallet racks:

  • Carton Flow
  • Pallet Flow
  • Push Back Rack
  • Drive-In Rack
  • Pick Modules
  • Cantilever Rack

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Storage Systems

Upright pallet racks are made in both open and closed post alternatives; roll-formed, C-channel; structural posts or closed-tube posts for sturdiness and additional capacity. All bonded building and construction uprights and beams are compliant with the latest RMI specifications and ANSI requirements and because every warehouse storage need is not the same, we have many more alternatives to fit your needs.

Here are some additional features of our pallet rack:

Interchangeable: Fits all major producers' Teardrop Interchangeable Rack with trademarked beam connections consisting of the Gravity Lock and Push Lock, automatic plunger design.

Cantilever:  manages loads of varying lengths and weights easily with accessibility from the front so you aren’t restricted by traditional uprights.  It is ideal for storing long or heavy items like pipes or tubing.  Use a double-sided cantilever solution to add even more storage.  The arms are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to store your raw materials or finished goods.

T-Bolt: Patented T-Bolt Pallet Rack beam to frame connections permit the most convenient bolted setup readily available without having to reach inside the column.

Structural: Structural steel C-Channel uprights and beams connect in a wide variety of sizes for durability and rigidness with both bolted and automatic-locking connections. The advantage of structural rack is found in uprights – made with structural steel that has a thicker wall than roll-formed posts and more steel at the corners.

Hybrid: Structural Steel uprights coupled with roll-formed beams produce a cost-effective storage facility solution. C-channel posts are made with teardrop punching to enable automatic locking connectors on either roll-formed or structural beams for a non-bolted connection.

Drive-Thru Rack:  automatically keeps your stock rotated without additional handling which reduces rack damage and time spent handling pallets more than once.

Drive-In Rack:  high-density storage made possible by reducing the need for aisles.  This rack loads and retrieves from the same side.

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We build, furnish and install all styles of pallet racks. We can find a solution to your pallet storage requirements.

Michael Guidorzi - President, Engineered Industrial Products