Storage Cabinets

We furnish and install many styles of storage cabinets. We can custom-build a storage cabinet solution for your business making use of every inch and enhancing efficiency with our high-density cabinets. In our industry-leading lineup, we offer an extensive variety of cabinets and accessories to suit your storage needs. Gain efficiencies where you need them most with a modular approach to your storage needs.


Mezzanine and stacked cabinets offer storage services to take your storage capacity to skyrocketing heights. With heavy-duty, all steel construction our durable cabinet areas can be stacked up to 4 systems tall to maximize readily available vertical space. These reconfigurable modular styles permit you to arrange and reorganize your mezzanine design to fulfill your progressing storage and retrieval requirements. We also offer mini mezzanines with stacked, high-density cabinets for smaller-sized areas.

We provide many different types of drawer layouts with configurations adapted to your needs.  We understand the need to create high density storage and weight bearing capacity with modular personalized and versatility to meet all your storage requirements. Our drawers and storage configuration are perfect for anything from rugged tools to tiny electric parts; basic materials to sterile instrument equipment for medical centers.

We can customize Issue Counters that will improve product retrieval and inventory control while maximizing your available floor space.  These counters are equipped with a durable steel frame that has a load capacity up to 440 pounds. They can be individualized to your specific needs because each Issue Counter housing can accept drawers, shelves, and trays so you can customize your counter service needs with efficient storage.

Use Mobile Cabinets with standard or shallow depths when you need a cabinet that can move within your facility.  This saves time and effort for your employees, allowing them to have access to tools and parts in work boxes with plenty of safe and secure storage. Using heavy duty casters, our mobile cabinets are easy to maneuver and support the weight-bearing requirements of your application.

Shelf Cabinets are the simplest way to organize, store and access bulky devices and other large or odd sized products that are not suitable for drawer storage. These cabinets can include hinged locked bars for security, double hinged doors that open fully to provide complete access to the cabinet interior and sliding doors that open smoothly. Contact us today and see the many benefits of using Engineered Industrial Products of St. Louis.

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No matter the industry, we have storage cabinets that are up to the toughest tasks.  We furnish and install all styles of storage cabinets.

Michael Guidorzi - President, Engineered Industrial Products