We have the lockers you need.  At Engineered Industrial Products of St. Louis, we provide and install a complete line of lockers that are ideal for schools, hospitals, country clubs, senior living facilities, health spas, military facilities, office buildings, and factories. From initial design to manufacturing, finish and installation, our superior line of lockers are engineered using the most advanced computer technology and quality you can rely on.

Whether you need steel, plastic, phenolic, plastic laminate, or wood, all the lockers we provide are manufactured with the highest quality products. With our innovative vision and attention to detail, we meet the evolving needs of our customers. Contact us today and see the many benefits of using Engineered Industrial Products of St. Louis.


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Locker Types and Uses

Corridor lockers for schools are typically metal or plastic.  We can help you determine the size and features that are best for your students and recommend the locker that will stand up best in the school environment.  We understand the needs and budgetary constraints of educational institutions.  Steel lockers can either be all welded or “knock-down” and have multiple choices for handles as well as a variety of trim and installation pieces to create a beautiful and long-lasting storage solution.  Plastic lockers can be fully fire rated and are virtually maintenance free. They are extremely durable and are completely rust proof. Our plastic lockers are fabricated from solid high-density polyethylene panels (HDPE) for optimal strength and durability.  They are resistant to graffiti and because they are a solid color throughout, they never need painting.

For locker rooms in schools, gyms, spas or country clubs, we can find the perfect fit for you.  Many schools elect to use aerated steel athletic lockers that are welded, fully framed, and stand up to the harsh conditions in high school and college locker rooms.  They provide a great combination of cost-effective storage and functionality. They can be combined with box lockers to allow your locker rooms to accommodate varsity sports as well as temporary use by PE students.  Sport lockers are perfect for the dedicated athlete and can be designed to fit your athlete’s needs with a shelf, coat rod, security box, and seat.  Wood storage lockers are ideal for country clubs, sports clubs, athletic clubs and spas providing distinct design as well as flexibility. The beauty is in the details and wood lockers can be personalized and designed to your specifications. These storage lockers are high-quality furniture; each locker is a true work of art.

Military and first responder lockers are designed for the safe and economical storage of gear. These lockers will keep personal belongings secure and specialty gear ready for that critical first response for fire, police, emergency response and military personnel. They are made with top quality steel and built to rigorous requirements. Our military grade lockers are secure, resilient and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

What do hospitals, care facilities, industrial facilities, office buildings, and factories have in common?  They all need lockers for their employees that are secure, require very little maintenance and are easy to care for.  We have a locker for that.  Tell us about your facility and let us help you determine what will meet all your needs.

We have specialty lockers too.  We can provide your facility with pass-thru lockers, allowing items to be added from the front and removed from the back into a secure room, maintenance area, or laundry room.  These are often utilized by sports teams to allow athletes to return dirty uniforms and access clean uniforms.  Pass-thru lockers can also be used for employee-assigned equipment such as barcode scanners.  Laundry and uniform lockers offer a wide range of expert garment distribution that include hanging garment dispensers, folded garment dispensers, laundry lockups and towel and linen control centers.  Window lockers with a clear panel in the door provide security for contents while also allowing contents to be easily seen and monitored.

With our large selection of both production and stock lockers, you are sure to get the features you need for your project.

Greg Guidorzi - Vice President, Engineered Industrial Products