Custom Mezzanine

Custom mezzanines can be built to fit your specific needs, whether you require more space or additional storage, our mezzanines are created to abide by building codes.

As your company grows, so does the need for flooring space and storage. Installing steel mezzanines in your storage facility can double the space you have by including a secondary flooring above the storage facility floor. This brand-new level offers you additional square footage for nearly anything you require, including offices, without taking up any extra space on the warehouse floor. By minimizing clutter in your storage facility, you can prevent office accidents, keep warehouse injuries to a minimum, and decrease damage to equipment. Our warehouse mezzanines are created and manufactured to meet OSHA and/or IBC code.


Industrial mezzanine floorings can be powder coated in any variety of colors and textures, supplying a greater level of resilience against abusive, corrosive applications. With a constant emphasis on quality and structural integrity, we craft each of our steel mezzanines personalized for you.


Equipment Platforms & Metal Equipment Platform

We provide custom equipment platform structures for all environments and to fulfill the requirements of markets of all types. If your project needs a specific platform to fit around or under a particular piece of equipment, Engineered Industrial Products of St. Louis can help design a mezzanine that enables direct, simple access to the equipment for maintenance, operation, and more. We can create our platform's decking to entirely encapsulate your devices without decreasing structural integrity.

Convenient, bolt-together equipment installation platform systems utilize a practical, design, allowing for simple and quick installation at the building site. Our platform style permits the structure to be anchored to your facility's flooring through the column's base-plates. However, we can likewise supply smaller sized equipment platforms that have caster wheels installed to the columns for a portable platform solution.


Heavy-Duty & Highly Durable Platform Design

Steel equipment platforms utilize durable steel columns and base-plates for lasting performance. Platform components are powder coated to offer the structure a durable surface. Outside equipment platforms can be covered with a powder coated finish or  can be galvanized to safeguard against extreme weather and rust.

Metal Stairs, Steel Stairs, Metal Stair Systems

We offer metal stairs, railing, and elements fabricated and powder coated for a lasting finish and fast delivery. That does not imply you will be receiving a cookie-cutter steel stair system. Each metal stair system can be custom designed to fit your specific space requirements. If you need a specific stair layout with multiple landings, U-turn stairs, or a special rise/run, we can accommodate these custom design requests.

These steel stair functions do not stop with custom layouts.  We provide a range of handrail alternatives to increase the safety of your brand-new metal stair system. Handrails pickets, intermediate horizontal railing, mesh siding, and glass siding are just a few of the various alternatives we can create for you. In addition, stair treads can be diamond plate, bar grating, or cement-filled pans. Both open and closed risers are available.

Bolt Together Design = Quick & Easy Metal Stair Installation

When your brand-new metal stair system is delivered to the job site, all that is left is the assembly. Our systems utilize the exact same bolt-together design that is utilized in our mezzanine systems. This design assists to ensure that your stairs are put together as quickly and easily as possible. Contact us today and see the many benefits of using Engineered Industrial Products of St. Louis.



Free Consultation

Engineered Industrial Products provides nationwide free on-site consultation to help you determine your specific needs. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!


We can build industrial mezzanines that can be powder coated in any number of colors, providing a greater level of durability against abusive, corrosive applications. Manufactures’ steel line fabricates powder-coated warehouse mezzanines and stair systems to your specifications - with custom sizes, heights, spans, decking materials, and landings.

Michael Guidorzi - President, Engineered Industrial Products