Modular Offices and In-Plant Buildings

Modular Panel office systems quickly adapt to a variety of applications and allow for a quick and easy setup without jeopardizing quality, sturdiness or efficiency. Modular office construction is an affordable option to conventional office buildings. Rather than stick-built offices, Modular Panel offices offer outstanding value and rate can be diminished over 7 years for the benefit of tax purposes.

The value and of Modular Panel office space is produced efficiently when the panels reach the job site. They are easily installed using a binder post system with a portion of the mess and waste of stick-built construction. Less waste, less heavy equipment, and quicker install times mean minimized site disruption for your facility. This effectiveness enables the building to be used quickly, enabling it to begin adding value to your facility as soon as possible.

Modular offices are easily adaptable and flexible, offering a range of designs and materials. A variety of panel skins and cores are provided to better fit your application. Your modular workplace can be expanded, reconfigured, or transferred as your business progresses and its requirements change. After setup or years later, wall panels can be upgraded or changed to consist of wall systems with windows or doors without disturbing an adjacent section. You can utilize modular flexibility to upgrade and reconfigure your present structure to lower future spending and make the most of the return on your investment for many years of service.

The difference is clear in our modular workplaces and performance is personalized to fit your needs. You'll get storage space with our integral load-bearing roofs.

Modular offices offer flexibility with insulated wall systems that are completely engineered for your area constraints around any equipment obstruction. As your business grows, your system can be easily broadened, reconfigured or moved.

The security of insulated non-combustible wall panels can be produced with steel to function as a protective barrier from dangerous devices. Sound control is essential for privacy and security from loud equipment and are essential features of our modular office work-spaces and enclosures.

Environmental controlled rooms and laboratories work flawlessly with devices that regulates temperature and humidity and offers security against extreme weather conditions.

Time conserving prefabricating elements makes setup a quick process which lessens downtime which saves you money. Contact us today and see the many benefits of using Engineered Industrial Products of St. Louis.

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Michael Guidorzi - President, Engineered Industrial Products