Whether it's a production floor, food processing laboratory, or storage center and warehouse, there is often a requirement to restrict or segregate a process or area or include one without jeopardizing workflow. Soft wall partitions are the clever alternative to basic wall building such as drywall, metal cladding, or concrete in an economy where being flexible is important to success.

Soft wall partitions enable you to rapidly create separated locations in your storage center, plant, or other industrial location. If you need to use and organize space better in your commercial setting, soft wall partitions offer the optimal solution. Expertly engineered easy sliding track systems are the very best on the marketplace today.

Soft wall partitions are often described as industrial curtain walls or space divider curtains.  They improve your facility by creating established work zones, blocking sound, and keeping employees safe from industrial dangers while similarly enhancing employee efficiency. Storage center safety is an issue for every single business, and we help you develop the very best possible environment with our soft wall partitions.

You can use industrial curtains as blackout drapes, garage divider drapes, outside drapes, photography drapes, paint cubicle drapes, wind evidence drapes, and woodworking drapes.

Soft wall systems can include environmental partitions and barriers to supply efficient control and confinement of warm or cool air within the separated location and act as a barrier for dust and air-borne contaminants. Constructed with advanced track systems, our ecological partitions and barriers use flexible setups of the partitions to accommodate the altering requirements of your operation.

Soft wall systems are utilized for:

Clean rooms, containment of dust and air-borne impurities within processing operations, such as cutting and grinding areas, protection of enclosed locations from external airborne contaminants and temperature level control and thermal/energy retention.

Soft wall partitions rapidly establish segmented locations in warehouses, plants, halls, and other industrial areas. They are a flexible, adjustable, and economical alternative to permanent walls. Soft wall partitions are easy to use, protect the environment and your work environment, safeguard team members, and function as a physical barrier.

Soft wall partitions have natural noise control systems to help alleviate sound levels in your office, facility, or anywhere you require it. Sound control systems are typically utilized by commercial clients, ecological clients, developing designers, owners, and engineers to lower loud noise levels.

Noise pollution is not simply an inconvenience and can be addressed to make your facility more functional.  Soft wall partitions can assist you with your noise control problems to help insulate and attenuate the source of the noise. We supply a variety of products in order to help you resolve your own sound requirements such as modular acoustic screens, ceiling baffles, quilted fiberglass panels, acoustic foams, and additional DIY sound control products.


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Soft wall partitions can provide the perfect solution to create separate spaces and divide large warehouse and industrial spaces.

Michael Guidorzi - President, Engineered Industrial Products