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Outdoor Fabric Structure


Outdoor Fabric Structures

Outdoor fabric structures offer storage for various kinds of markets including aviation, farm, manufacturing storage, grain storage and numerous other applications.

We supply many different markets with terrific alternatives for outside material buildings.

We can find a solution to meet your needs and space requirements at Engineered Industrial Products of St. Louis.

Whether your business needs increased interior space, extra storage, or an open-walled design, we have the perfect structure for any requirement. Easily equipped with accessories and customizable down to the last detail, there is a fabric structure for every business and every application. We can custom design any building.

One of the numerous advantages of an outdoor fabric structure is its ability to be constructed on a number of different foundations. These structures can be built on concrete, piers, concrete pads and more. Helical anchors are an economical option that reduce expenses for both installation time and excavation. Helical anchors drill directly into the ground, and while they are categorized as temporary, they can be used as a permanent solution.

A cover can make or break a fabric structure, our fabric buildings are outfitted with durable covers that are made with the highest-quality materials to guarantee the utmost structural stability. With our covering choices, customers can benefit from natural lighting, superior strength, a rip-stop material weave and industry-leading guarantees. These versatile structures are available in custom and turnkey designs.

Climate-Sensitive and energy-efficient fabric covers

Outdoor fabric covers can be used in the harshest conditions. These outdoor fabric structure covers are thoroughly evaluated and provide cladding that features a rip-stop weave that significantly extends the life of the cover. They allow abundant natural light to filter through, creating a well-lit environment that lowers monthly energy costs and assists with maintaining comfortable temperature levels year-round. Our climate-sensitive covers naturally keep the interior cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter season.
And this material is 100 percent recyclable with a 20 year warranty.

Material structures are a versatile structure option that supply exceptional functionality in any application. Consumers seeking to create a comfortable working environment while concurrently reducing monthly energy costs will find value with our outdoor fabric structures. Regardless of functional requirements, Engineered Industrial Products of St. Louis has a structural solution for you.


Free Consultation

Engineered Industrial Products provides nationwide free on-site consultation to help you determine your specific needs. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!

We have a wide selection of outdoor fabric buildings to meet the needs of may different industries.  Let us build and design one for you.

Michael Guidorzi – President, Engineered Industrial Products

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