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Bridge & JIB Cranes

Bridge and Jib Cranes enable you to achieve dependable and effortless overhead handling for a wide variety of applications. Each system is set up with the operator in mind and focuses on ease of motion which in turn leads to lower fatigue and ensures accurate load positioning. Quality materials and expert construction guarantee functional reliability and security while facilitating long life and minimum upkeep.

Our bridge cranes are equipped with track styles that combine high strength with lightweight materials.  The ‘V’ shaped profile of the running track keeps the trolleys and end truck aligned and provides the added benefit of preventing dirt from accumulating inside the tracks.  Machined wheels with crowned tread and sealed bearings ensure absolute minimum rolling resistance while providing long functional life.

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Bridge cranes are versatile and customizable.  Our experts will help you choose from multiples track profiles that can be installed in spans up to 30′, allowing our systems to be installed with the minimum of supports.  We can design a system that will increase efficiency without sacrificing usable floor space.  These enclosed track bridge cranes are up to 3X easier to move than conventional bridge cranes, saving you time and money as your production needs change to meet your customer’s demands.

Notable Bridge Crane Features:

Jib Cranes Information

Jib cranes are the perfect solution to your lifting requirements when your space or facility design does not need or have capacity for a bridge crane. Our jib cranes are ideal because they can be designed and built for whatever lifting equipment you require, such as an electrical or manual hoist, balancer, or vacuum lifter.  They can be floor mounted or wall mounted and have two standard rotations, 200* or 360*.  And with capacities from 100 to 1,000 pounds and spans up to 16′, they offer solutions without consuming valuable floor space.

These pre-engineered modular style jib cranes are adaptable to your changing needs and permit simple relocation within your facility.   The jib arm rotation and trolley travel are both effortless and smooth, allowing users maximum control with very little effort, increasing performance and giving your business a prompt return on the investment.  And because ease of motion requires less force to be applied while operating the jib crane, you are increasing employee safety while minimizing risk of injury.Flooring mounted jib cranes can usually be mounted directly to standard 6″ concrete floors without adding special structures and can rotate 360* or be customized to the reduced range you require.  Wall mounted jib cranes can be affixed to either a wall or a column, so they can be utilized throughout your facility.  Wall mounted jib cranes have the added bonus of allowing you to choose their mounting height which maximizes the height of lift in your facility.

At EIPSTL, we are well experienced in developing specially designed crane solutions where standard cranes are not possible or practical. Our company believes that offering the consumer all the required systems set up precisely to their needs is vital.  We understand the need for a solution that perfectly suits your company and that ensures the end product is ‘fit for purpose’.

 We furnish and install all styles of bridge and JIB cranes.  We can find a solution to your bridge and JIB cranes requirements.

Michael Guidorzi – President, Engineered Industrial Products

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